Edwards of Conwy help to “Beef up” Welsh Rugby Players


All Wales retailer Edwards of Conwy announced today that it has struck an innovative deal with Rygbi Gogledd Cymru (RGC the North Wales Development Region based in Eirias, Colwyn Bay). Edwards of Conwy are proud to be providing players from all over Wales with regular meat hampers, tailor made to provide a significant part of the protein needed in the physical development of potential Welsh Internationals.

RGC Coaches carefully identify players who are able to gain muscle mass to benefit their game. In turn they then need to eat around 2.4g of protein per kg of bodyweight daily, which means these players are required to eat around 260-270g of protein a day. When you consider your average 200g chicken breast provides around 30g of protein, this is a massive amount of food!!!

The Edwards of Conwy hampers contain a high quality variety of protein meat products. Protein is the nutrient responsible for the growth and repair of muscle fibres after they have been damaged due to training. This all needs to be eaten over the course of the day with players eating at a minimum of every 3 hours.

Sam Dodge RGC Academy Strength and Conditioning Coach highlights …..
“After only a few months of the partnership one of our players has managed to put on 8kgs of positive body weight. When players are required to increase their bodyweight it is important that they are making gains in the right places. As his coach I need to ensure he is increasing his muscle mass while, at the same time, limiting or decreasing the amount of body fat he stores in the process, to make sure he has the best possible physique to suit his needs of his position.”

These players complete a high volume of training and to also manage their lifestyle in order to optimally grow, recover and adapt to the demands of this training. They complete upwards of 6 strength and conditioning sessions a week as part of the academy programming which provides the stimulus required to increase muscle mass – on top of rugby training! However, in order for this adaptation to occur they must be monitored, eat, sleep and rest effectively.

RGC General Manager Rupert Moon explains….. “Obviously fuelling 17stone (and growing) young men with a wide variety of high quality protein sources becomes very costly, very quickly. Which is why the food supplied to us is so valuable towards the physical development of these aspiring international rugby players. The players are extremely grateful for this fantastic partnership.”
In addition to this RGC and Edwards of Conwy’s Managing Director (Ieuan Edwards) are also collaborating on future healthy eating/nutrition projects, including the development of an extra lean range for the next generation.

Photo –
Sean O’Rouke (Beddau) & Adam Williams (Swansea Uplands) both from South Wales and members of the RGC Academy are beneficiaries of this unique player development support scheme.
The giant burger was made of top quality locally sourced Welsh Beef by Edwards of Conwy.