Pigging-good Pork


Our latest local supplier makes sure their rare breeds are as happy as, well……pigs in mud. Over the coming weeks we will be providing our loyal customers with the finest meat from Teyrdan Hall Farm in Llanelian (near Colwyn Bay).

Built in the 1500’s the farm is surrounded by beautiful rolling landscapes and rustic farm buildings. Husband & Wife Geoff and Mary Benfield run the farm with the help of their family; daughter Sarah and her husband Gwyndaf. They’re all brimming with pride for their business, and rightly so – it’s an exceptional find, and that’s before we even get to the pigs.

The farm is home to Welsh black cattle and Texel sheep but in pride of place are their award winning, rare breed pigs which are born and raised on the farm. The pigs live in straw filled barns & sties dotted around the farms woodland, they are often found going for a dip in the river and rummaging for seasonal treats such as crab-apples and acorns, they are irrefutably happy at having such freedom and are lucky enough to receive significant individual attention from Mary and Geoff.

But what makes rare breed pork so pigging good?

Well, the suburb living conditions and varied diets mean that this meat is from happy animals – and that always makes a difference. But moreover these rare breeds have their own unique qualities that are maintained through strict registration processes to ensure those qualities are passed on. Mary and Geoff are dedicated to finding the perfect cross of the below breeds to produce the finest quality rare breed meat.

• The hardy yet docile Gloucester Old Spot is predominantly white with distinct black spots and a silky coat, its large lop ears will almost cover the pigs face when fully grown. This breed is one of the oldest pedigree spotted pigs in the world and was the first to be recorded. The breed was dubbed “Old” Spot because the pig had been known for as long as anyone could remember. There is a distinct layer of back fat and marbling within the meat which means that it is hardy enough for outdoor production and that when the meat is cooking, it self-bastes making the meat succulent and full of flavour.

The Oxford Sandy & Black boasts an excellent temperament and character. Often known as ‘the Oxford Forest’ pig or ‘the Plum Pudding’ pig (due to their markings), they have a pale sand – rust coloured coat and are speckled with black patches. They have semi/full lop ears and a white tassel tail. The breed has seen its numbers drop several times historically but thanks to dedicated breeders like Mary and Geoff the numbers are now rising to a level steady enough for us to enjoy this meat. The Oxford Sandy & Black produces meat of a remarkable texture and superb flavour – perfect for a unique spin on regular pork.

The British Lop is a docile and good natured pig. Long and thin lopped ears incline forward on a mature pig and they have a medium length snout. Skin must be pure white and feature straight silky hair with no grey markings or wrinkles. Unlike supermarket pork the British Lop is bred for taste rather than leanness – they are slow reared for a divine texture and moisture.

Ieuan visiting Teyrdan Hall Farm

Best of all the farms aim is to help preserve the rare breed pigs, so as well as the meat production they also breed pure pedigree pigs, the most correct of which are retained as quality breeding stock.

We are delighted to bring such good quality and interesting meat to our customers and look forward to hearing your opinion on them, please use our contact form to get in touch.

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