Why PGI?


Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) is true mark of genuine and unique quality.

Look out for this logo - a true mark
of genuine and unique quality
When you buy meat for you and your family you want to know where it came from. You want to know how it was reared and in what country it was produced, PGI status tells you exactly where your meat has come from:

The logo means our Beef products are the result of a uniquely beautiful landscape which coupled with traditional farming practices that span generations, has helped produce quality meat which is highly esteemed around the world. In recognition of these unique qualities the European Commission (EC) has awarded Welsh Beef the coveted status of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). This puts Welsh Beef in the same elevated company as Parma Ham and other speciality and protected food name products from around the world. Now that’s something worth shouting about.

The PGI scheme aims to preserve and promote those special foods that are unique to their terrain – foods that have character, that are lovingly-crafted, that have an unbreakable connection to the land they come from.
Welsh farmers have known for generations that if you look after the environment, the environment will look after you. And that’s the secret behind centuries of sustainable farming practices that have made Wales a producer of high quality, great tasting Beef. The unique, ancient landscape of Wales is perfectly suited to beef farming. The lush, green habitat encompasses lowland pastures rolling down to the sea, and dramatic, mountainous uplands rich with hardy, fragrant heathers, all fed by myriad streams and rivers. It’s an expansive grass-rich environment in which to rear cattle, and the main reason why Wales has been associated with livestock farming for generations.

Ieuan Edwards and a PGI Welsh Beef Farmer

Red meat authority Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales acts as guardian of the PGI Welsh Beef reputation, they check our supply chains exceptional standards are as they should be, that every animal is fully traceable from field to fork be and only then do they grant us use of their prestigious logo. Great heritage underpins the high quality of PGI Welsh Beef: With high standards of animal husbandry and pasture land management family run farms have helped preserve Wales’ unique landscape for generations, this sustainability is one of the reasons Welsh Beef has achieved the desirable and prominent Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status from the European Commission.
You can rest assure that our meat is prepared in only approved abattoirs and that every single animal is fully traceable, as this is regularly checked in order that we are allowed to use the yellow and blue PGI logo. We never compromise on food safety, quality or traceability – inspections are carried out at every stage of the process to maintain the integrity and quality that sets the Welsh Beef we use apart from the rest.

Butcher Ieuan and team Quality check Cattle

So when you see this prestigious badge of authenticity on our product you can be confident that the cattle were born and reared in Wales; across a wholesome, natural habitat; and cared for by farmers with centuries of traditional farming practices under their belts – that’s what makes PGI Welsh Beef distinctive and unique.

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