Red Tractor Week 2016


This September marks the annual celebration of all things “Red Tractor”, all over the country events are taking place with the aim of letting you, our loyal customers know exactly what the little Red Tractor Logo actually means.

We only use Red Tractor Farm Assured Pork Shoulder in our Sausages. This means that the pigs we take our shoulder meat from are produced and reared to strict guidelines in order to get the best quality of meat.

Andrew Freemantle - Red Tractor Pig Farmer

The Red Tractor logo confirms that independent assessors have checked our Pork meets comprehensive standards, from farm to fork, and every step in-between. These standards include:

1. Animal Welfare
We know it is important to you that farmers protect the health and welfare of animals. Red Tractor standards make sure that our farmers are experienced enough to look after their animals well, understand their needs and that the animal’s health and welfare is regularly checked. The Red Tractor logo means that animals have adequate space, and safe and comfortable housing or shelter. All animals have unlimited access to fresh, clean drinking water and are provided with well balanced meals. All farmers must keep a written health plan so that they can monitor the health of their animals.

2. Traceability
The flag in the Red Tractor logo tells you where the food has been farmed, processed and packed. In line with this all parts of the supply chain have to keep comprehensive records to prove this.

3. Food Safety and Hygiene
Post-farm the pork is kept in vehicles and production areas which meet strict Food Safety and Hygiene regulations. All good factories maintain high standards of basic food safety, traceability and hygiene as do we. However, we always go one step further to ensure we maintain a very high standard of product quality & consistency, this allows us to continue to use the Red Tractor Logo.

4. Environmental Protection
Farmers under the Red Tractor scheme must use responsible farming methods to minimise pollution.

Red Tractor is the UK’s biggest farm and food standards scheme; you will notice that our sausages proudly display the distinctive Red Tractor logo to ensure you can trust the food you buy.